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Building on decades of community-driven advocacy, the Santa Cruz River Refuge coalition is made up of over 40 founding members from southern Arizona. The organizing committee of the coalition includes members and leadership from:

Adelita S. Grijalva, Pima Co Board of Supervisors, Chair, District 5

Alisha Vasquez

Antonio Ramirez

Anthony Nelson

Arizona Land and Water Trust

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Barrio Neighborhood Coalition

Calabasas Alliance

Center for Biological Diversity

Cienega Watershed Partnership

Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection

Corazón Latino Inc

Diana Hadley

Favor Celestial

Friends of the Santa Cruz

Gloria Fenner

Ironwood Tree Experience

Joanie Sawyer

Jose Maria Menendez

Josefina Cardenas

Kathleen G. Williamson, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D.

Kara Harter

Kelly Badeau

Kevin Dahl, Vice Mayor and Ward 3 Councilmember

Laiken Jordahl

Lane Santa Cruz, Ward 1 Councilmember

Leigh Sontheimer

Logan Phillips

Los Desendientes de Tucson

Luis Alfredo Salagado

Mauro Trejo

Maxie Adler

Menlo Park Neighborhood Association

Mexican American Heritage and History Museum Mission Garden

Raul Ramirez

Reconciliación en el Río

Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area

Santa Cruz Watershed Collaborative

Sloane Haywood

Sky Island Alliance

Sonoran Institute

The Arizona Native Plant Society

The Sierra Club

The Wilderness Society

Trust for Public Land

Tucson Audubon Society

Tucson Birthplace Open Space Coalition (TBOSC)

Tucson Herpetological Society

Tucson Mountains Association

University of Arizona

Watershed Management Group

YWCA of Southern Arizona

“A ribbon of water reflecting the sky”
by Maxie Adler

It was an honor to design the logo for the Santa Cruz River Urban National Wildlife Refuge campaign, one that I’ve been actively involved in and wholeheartedly support. Because this logo serves as a unifying symbol of our coalition, I started the design process by sending a survey to all SCRUNWR Coalition members. I asked simple questions, such as, “When you think about the Santa Cruz River, what are some images or words that come to mind?” I received many beautiful responses and mapped out the similarities to create an image that properly serves as our identity for this important effort.

It’s no surprise that water was included in every response, so the Santa Cruz River is the central image in the logo. Connectivity and gathering place were also common responses, and mention of the Santa Cruz River as passageway for everyone: plants, all types of animals, and people. The logo depicts this confluence of water, cottonwoods and cattail, dragonflies, Gila-top minnows, turtles, birds, javelina, coyotes, all walking from the river banks to the Sentinel Peak, with the downtown Tucson city skyline and The Chuck Huckelberry Loop lining the river– truly a place for all. 

One coalition member responded, a ribbon of water reflecting the sky, and this imagery inspired me. Reversely, I imagined the sky reflecting our beloved Santa Cruz River, because the strength and efforts of this community makes me feel the sky’s the limit, and the river is our ultimate symbol of hope. Coalition members also requested the logo establish place. Tucson’s name is derived from the O’odham word “S-cu:k Ṣoñ/Chukshon,” meaning “at the black base,” what is now called Sentinel Peak or A-Mountain. All of the animals are walking towards this iconic place, to honor Tucson’s Birthplace, our past, and the work we are doing towards a more just future.

This is a community-led conservation project.

We hope to invite community to join this coalition, at the level of engagement that best suits them. Please email axie_navas@tws.org or rebecca_perez@tws.org to sign up for our newsletter.